Photographic Color Book Design

Guess where it all came from? Yep, a coloring book!!

Color book Graphic Design

This graphic came from a copy of a design from a coloring book. I actually colored it in, took a photo of it, and used Google Drawings for design colors and background!



I'm in my late thirties, single and work a Full Time job. I was born and raised in the state of Indiana and my religous belief is being a Christian. In 2009, I graduated from Davenport University with a Bachelor degree in the Business Administrative field and then completed my first income tax course last year! I enjoy reading books, writing and creating graphic design/art, watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with my loved ones in my spare time. I'm silly and goofy, outgoing and would like to explore different places. My future includes drawing myself closer to God/Christ as my Spritual growth in being a Christian, and then include God/Christ in everything that I accomplish in my life. I had taken my first art/photography course in high school; then I started drawing out my designs for awhile. In mid 2017, I created my first blog site on Wordpress: On this site, I write uplifting adult literatures/stories/pasaages that help with people facing mental health issues. At that time, I first learned how to use Google Docs to create different backgrounds with my passages and writing blog posts. Now, I created a second site: where I use my phots, drawings, video posts, and graphics to create my graphic designs with either Google Docs or Canva, and I have been doing this since about mid 2021. Apparently from there, I have discovered that I can create my own website and logo; I can do flyers, and can create all kinds of graphics and art!! And, I absolutely LOVE what I do!! Why?? Because I've always had a passion for art; so I want my designs to be known and placed in someone's home and/or office space. In addition, God/Christ and other people in my life have been my inspiration and motivation to be creative. So, my vision/mission on this site, which will soon become a successful online store/gallery, is to always be myself in every innovative, unique, and refreshing design I create as a way to stand out and keep my audience interested in what I love to do!

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  1. You know how you print off a copy of different images/designs from coloring books? I used one of those that I colored and made into a design using; you guessed it; Google docs. Just play around with it and you too can come up with all different types of designs. And if you’re just curious on how I do it, I can send you a video clip of the way that I do it.

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