About Me:


Arrows with a creative flare

Arragraphics 2022

A design that I created where the background comes from photos on my phone and an upload of 3D colorful shapes with the arrows in front of it. All created from the Canva where I can make different graphic designs.


Photographic Color Book Design

Guess where it all came from? Yep, a coloring book!!

Color book Graphic Design

This graphic came from a copy of a design from a coloring book. I actually colored it in, took a photo of it, and used Google Drawings for design colors and background!


Neon Flower Design

Flower pics on a whole new level!! This one I created is one of personal favs.

Neon Flowers 22

I took photos of beautiful flowers I saw outside my apartment during the spring. Then uploaded them on Google drawings from my phone for the colors and background. I, personally think this is one of my best ones.


Original Google Doc Flower Design

my flower design BEFORE the song video!!

Store Flower Graphic

As you may notice, I do love flowers. So, I looked on my back at one of my old photos and saw the one I took of a pretty, white flower. So, I uploaded a copy of it on Google Docs and designed it from there and it turned out like this!!



What we all need every now and then.

Love Loyalty Strength

The middle image is an inspirational drawing for we all need these three things from one another more often. We gotta show love toward one another, we’ve got to strengthen one another when we get weak, and be loyal to our word more often; just as God/Christ are. I sketched it using a pencil and then colored it using markers. Then, I took a photo of it from my phone and uploaded it onto Google Drawings for the background lettering and design.