April Vibes Graphic Design


Who’s ready for the month of April?

I thought of this creative graphic that can be used to place in someone’s office or home space! I liked it because it’s unique and gives in a taste of what April consist of; it’s colors, the celebration of Christ and Easter!


My Flower Graphic Video

My Flower Video Mix

Remember the flower design I had from before? I took and added it in with another flower design I created on Google Doc with a passage, and put together a music video clip using Tik Tok. Interesting; isn’t it?


Representing The Black History

We got history!!

Many black African-American famous from back during slavery time to the most recent ones we’ve lost and those still living today!! Happy Black History Month ya’ll!!

We Got History: A Lil’ Representation Of Black History

So, this was a Google Drawings I designed and used to make a Tik Tok video from!! Happy Black History Month guys!! You have to click on it to see the whole video clip!


Leafs N2′ Butterfly Collage!!

all it takes is an upload of one photo, the rest is all in the matter reshaping, recoloring, and then choosing a transparent effect.

Buy Leafs N2 Butterfly

Using a picture taken from my phone, it was uploaded on my computer and lastly created the design in Canva.


Cool Graphic!!

I don’t think anyone can come up with this one!!

Up Close & Dementional

I love doing my own graphics using pictures that I took from my phone. It makes it easier for me to express my creativity with Google Docs, Google Drawings, or Canva which is an app used to make my own graphics.