Meet My Anime’ Character: BABYGIRL J

This is my cute, animated character. I thought Babygirl J was a the perfect name for her. Please like and share, thank you in advance for all of your support!!

Introducing Babygirl J!😍

A cute and creative animated character I created using one of the graphic art design apps I downloaded. Hopefully, someone would enjoy purchasing this character. Use it in your home to place with a nice frame on the wall, or use it whichever way works for you!


Representing The Black History

We got history!!

Many black African-American famous from back during slavery time to the most recent ones we’ve lost and those still living today!! Happy Black History Month ya’ll!!

We Got History: A Lil’ Representation Of Black History

So, this was a Google Drawings I designed and used to make a Tik Tok video from!! Happy Black History Month guys!! You have to click on it to see the whole video clip!