Logo Autumn Grpahic Design

J.B. Graphic Design is the name of my online site alongside an intro of the mission statement & vision on my online store. This creative design has a little Autumn season flare to it which brings it alive with a Fall Harvest vibe. Tell me what do you think in the comments below. Interested in me creating a graphic design for your personal or business use, let me know in the comments and I will provide contact information for you to reach me.

Uplifting Bible Verse Drip Graphic Design

This creative, drip, and smoke effect design features a Bible verse that gets me through the day! This verse gives me clarity on what faith in God looks like, especially when life situations throw a curve ball every now and again. So, when life gets a little hazy making things hard to see your way through, keep the faith with this scripture. Faith is a special gift that comes from God within the spirit!! Faith is what conquers the enemy and attacks on our conscience during any given situation; remember that everywhere you go.

Meet My Anime’ Character: BABYGIRL J

This is my cute, animated character. I thought Babygirl J was a the perfect name for her. Please like and share, thank you in advance for all of your support!!

Introducing Babygirl J!😍

A cute and creative animated character I created using one of the graphic art design apps I downloaded. Hopefully, someone would enjoy purchasing this character. Use it in your home to place with a nice frame on the wall, or use it whichever way works for you!


Emoji Graphic- What Fun Creation It Is!!!

Emoji Graphic- It’s A Little Epic

I used the Google Drawings app to create this unique, fun design! I thought of it as a birthday design at first and then turned it into something that I figured would be more interesting and exciting. I really thought it was cute after I first made it. Please like and share before purchasing for personal home and office space.